The Vienna NGO Committee on the Family has focused between 2017 and 2021, amongst other issues, on various aspects of ’Families Online’, by organising four different International Forums, three of which took place at the United Nations, Vienna International Centre, and the fourth, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, as a Zoom Video Conference.
The first was entitled: ’Internet Use & Domestic Communication Cultures’ with Dr. Corinna Peil, from the University of Salzburg, to observe the United Nations International Day of Families in 2017. The proceedings of that International Forum are included in ’Families International’ (FI) issue No. 102.
  The proceedings of a further International Forum, held a year later, in 2018, with Philip Sinner, M.A., also from the University of Salzburg, entitled: ’Socially Disadvantaged Families in a Rich Country - Digital Media Usage and Mediation Practices’ are included in FI. Issue No.108.
The proceedings of the third International Forum of the trilogy, dealing with ’Families Online’, entitled ’Child & Youth Media Protection From the Perspective of Parents’ with Christin Kohler, M.A., based on her masters research, at the University of Salzburg, are included in FI issue No. 112.
A follow-up of the above-mentioned original study by Dr. Philip Sinner, in FI Issue No.108, is included in the proceedings of an International Forum, entitled: ’15 years Longitudinal Study of the Mediatisation of Socialisation - How do the young adults perform 4 years later?’ in FI issue No. 120.
1. International Seminar
February 21, 1987, United Nations, Vienna
"The Family - a marginal group as the basis of society"
2. International Seminar
November 11, 1988, United Nations, Vienna
"The Family - a threat to the freedom of it's individual members?"
3. International Seminar
February 7-8, 1991, United Nations, Vienna
"Family: a topic for international debate & action"
4. International Seminar
November 30 - December 1, 1992, United Nations, Vienna
"Family and Environment: A Partnership"
5. International Seminar
November 6-7, 1995, United Nations, Vienna
"Focus on Families: Action and Isues Beyond IYF"
6. International Seminar
November 11-12, 1996, United Nations, Vienna
"Integrating Family in Social Progress and Development"
7. International Seminar
November 23-24, 1998, United Nations,Vienna
"Local Networks and Structures to Support Families"
8. International Seminar
October 17-20, 1999, United Nations, Vienna
"Strategies to Strengthen Family NGO's in Central and Eastern European Countries"
9. World NGO Forum
November 28 - December 2, 1993, Malta
"Promoting Families for the Well-Being of Individuals and Societies"
Further publications:
1. Documenting Contributions of Civil Society Organisations to the Well-Being of Families 2004
Ed: Peter Crowley
Financed by the United Nations Trust Fund on Family Activities
2. International Year of the Family 1994
May, 1990, 'National Coordinating Bodies'
- a discussion paper -
3. International Year of the Family
September, 1994, Vienna, 'Checklist'
'For Activities in the Interest of Families Now and in the Future'
4. NGO Committee on the Family
September, 1994
'Highlights - IYF Action'
1. Vienna NGO Committee on the Family
'Parenting Today at the Heart of Society'
2. International Year for the Eradication of Poverty,
Vienna, 1996, 'The Family and the International Year for the Eradication of Poverty'
3. Vienna NGO Committee on the Family
'Families and Habitat, The Heart of the Matter'
1. Vienna NGO Committee on the Family
International Year of the Family, Vienna, 1994
'Guiding Principles on the Family'
2. Vienna NGO Committee on the Family
'NGO's Beyond IYF - From Awareness to Implementation'